Planning a fund-raising event can be hard work. Finding the right facility that is conveniently located with enough parking, featuring comfortable lounges and where you can bring your own food/drinks and can fit your entire group limits where you can host your event. 
       Not to mention finding a space where an activity can take place to help draw in and WOW your crowd. Look no further – Axeplosion Axe Throwing Lounge fits all your needs. With the ability to host up to 120 people at every location, conveniently and in close proximity to major attractions, Axeplosion is the event space that offers the most unique activity for your event. 
Everyone who hears about it wants to do it, and those who do it want to do it again. Host your next fundraising event at Axeplosion!

For fundraising inquiry please contact us at

info@axeplosion.com or call us at 630-576-1922