Axeplosion Challenge Week 1

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Hello everyone,

This is Coach Collin and we at Axeplosion Lombard are going to be hosting a friendly competition between us coaches and you. Do you think you have what it takes to beat a coach?

Can you prove if you're worthy enough to have your scores posted and brag to your friends, or will we as the coaches keep our titles as the best axe throwers at Axeplosion?

There's only one way to find out! Choose whatever coach you would like to face off with and play a match. Best of ten throws will be declared the winner.

If you win you will have your name posted with the score you got against whatever coach. In the future we will even add prizes depending on the coaches you beat! Time to test your skills as an axe thrower and take the ultimate test!

We will be looking forward to seeing you guys in the future and remember you can even bring your own axe if it's within WATL regulation and is safe to throw.

Best of luck!

~Team Axeplosion

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